Our specialisations

One activity, six specialisations

We help companies with all kinds of research, we cover many different areas of expertise. We have chosen to organize ourselves according to the different types of research so our clients can always get help from experts in the type of research that they want to use.

Ipsos ASI
We conduct studies into advertising at all stages of creating and implementing advertising campaigns. We help in taking the best decisions in the process of a campaign's design and in maximizing returns on advertising investment.

Ipsos Marketing
Ipsos researchers are specialists in innovation and brand management. We use our knowledge of consumers and our experience in your sector to inspire you and help get marketing activities in your company on a new track.

Ipsos MediaCT
Ipsos provides companies in the media, content and technology industries with research-based insights to improve their competitive advantage.

Ipsos Public Affairs
Ipsos Public Affairs conduct research on the attitudes and behaviours of citizens and consumers. Our goal is to help our clients manage issues, advance reputations, determine and pinpoint shifts in attitude and opinion, and enhance communications.
We provide clients with information that helps them understand how they can build efficient and effective policies, programs, communications strategies, and marketing initiatives.

Ipsos Loyalty
Specialists at Ipsos in the field of satisfaction and loyalty studies can help your company improve its financial results by measuring standards of service (mystery shopper type studies), effective customer satisfaction management (CSM) and customer relations management (CRM).

Ipsos Observer
Ipsos Observer specializes in high quality data collection for market researchers in all industries on the Scandinavian market. We offer all fieldwork methods, both qualitative and quantitative.